Wednesday, August 14, 2019

We Do Laser treatment of Cold Sores And Canker Sores

How Do Lasers Treat Cankers and Cold Sores?

Oh, the future of glorious. At one time the only remedy for cold sores and cankers were topical treatments and oral medications. Today, dentists make use of dental lasers to provide patients with pain relief and healing from cold sores and cankers.

Traditional Treatments

Traditional treatments for cold sores and cankers are limited to oral and topical medications. The downside to these creams and medications is that the healing process can take longer to start and you can never be sure if you’re going to have a reaction to new treatments.
Some treatments that contain steroids or vitamin therapy treatments can actually make the problem worse than it was before. For individuals who don’t want the pain of side effects, they might consider home remedies. Even though home remedies commonly create less side effects, they can also be less effective. There is another option.
Enter the healing power of lasers.
In the spirit of Star Trek, dentists have turned to lasers to make the world a better place. Dental lasers have been used since the 1990s, and they can be much more effective than any other cold sore or canker treatment.
When a patient visits their dentist for treatment, the laser used is completely painless. The only sensation felt during the procedure is a sensation of warmth where the laser is being applied. The laser works in two major ways:
  • The laser deadens the nerve cells around the area providing near-instant pain relief.
  • The laser promotes healing in biostimulation, meaning your body increases collagen formation.
While a medication can take weeks to have a full, healing effect, the healing process from lasers beings within a matter of days.

The Benefits

There are many reasons to opt for laser treatment rather than other traditional treatments:
  • The treatment is affordable and may even be covered by your insurance provider
  • Relief from pain is nearly instant when the laser is used
  • You’re sitting in the dentist char for just a few minutes while the procedure is being done
  • Cold sores can recur with less frequency and less intensity after treatment
  • You won’t feel a thing when the laser is being used
  • Individuals who get the treatment as soon as possible don’t develop a cold sore
Laser treatments, unlike traditional medications, can allow a person to move on with the more important things in their life.


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